Manhattan Barrel Class

Tuesday October 23rd at 6pm at our Event Center 

$65 per person (gratuity included)    Call the Inn to sign up! 651-777-8495  

Join Mack and John for a fun class learning how to care for barrels, and make fun drinks!  This class will give lots of tips and information (this is not a barrel “making” class- it is intended to learn how to care for barrels).

All four of the barrels that are made at the LEI bar throughout the year will be set up for tasting.  Each guest will receive a two-ounce taste of each Manhattan, either shaken or on the rocks.  All Manhattans will be garnished the same as we do at the Inn.  If you do not enjoy Manhattans then you may choose a free drink from the bar instead (**within reason).


Class Agenda:

Mack and John will tell the story of the barrels and how Lake Elmo Inn started making them
History of Manhattans
Barrel Expert will present how barrels are made
Mack will demonstrate barrel care



cod & sliced sirloin with mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, and mini desserts. (served family style)


Specialty Manhattan Schedule:

Holiday Manhattan: Available starting the week of Thanksgiving

Lake Elmo Inn Manhattan: Coming Soon December 31st 2018, and has been aged for one year in our brand new barrels!