Lake Elmo Inn Restaurant
3442 Lake Elmo Ave N
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
Tel. 651-777-8495
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Lake Elmo Inn Event Center
3712 Layton Ave N
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
Tel. 651-779-5994
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Tel. 651-779-5994

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Groups and Parties

Thank you for choosing the Lake Elmo Inn for your upcoming event. Here are a few commonly asked questions and some further information we will need to aid in the preparation of your reservation.

Please review the menus below. You may choose up to five entrees off our menu for your guest’s selection.

Please keep in mind that a beginning soup or salad is not included with your entrees. You may choose to offer your guests a cup of soup or a small salad. The additional cost would be $3.95 per person. This is a discounted rate for large groups.

Beverages are also additional: coffee, tea and soda/pop are $2.25 and are refillable.

With luncheon entrees  please choose either wild rice, linguine, French fries, or Homemade chips  and sandwiches please choose either a cup of soup, salad of the day, French fries or Homemade chips.

With dinner entrees, please choose from two starch choices: baked potato, linguine or our wild rice medley.

Cocktails may be either hosted (all on one tab), drink tickets, cash or not offered at all. Please let us know which option you would prefer. There are many variations to fit any budget.

Your dessert options are as follows: the dessert tray may be shown and guests choose whatever they would like ($5-$7.50), a platter of our mini desserts* (we recommend 2 – 3 per person $1.75 each), a freshly made cake * ordered or no dessert at all. Again please let us know of your preference.

We thank you for your reservation with the Lake Elmo Inn. Additional questions please contact Laura or Jill during daytime hours.

*Please note that cake and mini dessert orders need a minimum of 36-hour advance notice.